The best film of 2021 hands down. Tragic that it wasn’t nominated for more categories at the 2022 Academy awards. Although ‘Drive My Car’ is still a worthy winner for best international, it was massively snubbed by ‘Belfast’ for best screenplay. 

Oscar’s rant over.

I’ve managed to catch this film twice at the cinema now. First at the Lewes depot and second at the Duke’s at Komedia Picturehouse in B town at a Q and A. On the second screening I had the privilege of meeting the lovely Mr Joachim Trier (the film’s director).

My second watch of this movie added loads for me. This film is so real and applicable to so many situations and thoughts and ideas it’s wonderful. You’d be hard pressed to find someone that doesn’t relate on some level to the events and ideas presented in the film. It is just so grounded and human in its presentation. Where some films struggle to situate themselves in a believable setting this feels real across the whole run time.

The filmmaking, the visuals, the dialogue, the sounds, the performance, the existentialism, the wholesomeness, the comedy, it literally has it all.

Brilliant brilliant brilliant. You and your nan need to see this.

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