Today I took it much easier as the late night at Yung Singh was hitting pretty hard. We got to town for 5ish to see a mutual friends band called Micromoon. Wicked noisy industrial-psych stuff.

Next up we trekked over to Prince Albert which was full so we went to Green Door Store instead. I can’t remember what we saw but it was probs meh.

We were hungry so grabbed a Gyros in Kemptown.

Jelani Blackman who recently collaborated with Gorillaz on their Notting Hill inspired EP and killed a colours perfromance was on at patterns. He came through with some great energy especially for his hit track Hello which seemed to get played prematurely due to crowd insistence.

After this we went over to the beach stage to watch Jeshi and Harvey Gunn and Frankie Stew. Some great chill rap music. Jeshi especially killed it with a great debut album out last week. He also had a cute little heart to heart with H.A.T.S. singer Simmie.

All in all a much more relaxed day than the friday. Jeshi was easily my favourite of the day. One of the coolest festivals I’ve ever done and a great opportunity to get to do press here. recommend ! ! ! !

gnarly x

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