SON Estrella Galicia x Paper Dress Vintage

Recently SON Estrella Galicia teamed up with the wonderful Paper Dress Vintage in Hackney, London for Estrella Galicia’s second event!

It featured sets from upcoming post-punkers, DEADLETTER and fuzzy garage pop group Melenas alongside loads of amazing food and beer (duh). They had three special beers on tap with resident experts behind the bar ready to chat. Additionally, the food was supplied

What really struck me was the event’s clear focus on sustainability. They ran a vinyl trade-in stand where you could give them your old lumps of wax in return for limited edition, 100% recycled merch. The DJs then delivered sets where they trawled through the records that had been traded in and spun them for the crowd to boogie down to.

Estrella Galicia will be back in 2023 with plenty more events that I will be getting involved with so stay tuned for more news and as per usual, keep it gnarly x

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