• SON Estrella Galicia x Paper Dress Vintage

    Recently SON Estrella Galicia teamed up with the wonderful Paper Dress Vintage in Hackney, London for Estrella Galicia’s second event!

    It featured sets from upcoming post-punkers, DEADLETTER and fuzzy garage pop group Melenas alongside loads of amazing food and beer (duh). They had three special beers on tap with resident experts behind the bar ready to chat. Additionally, the food was supplied

    What really struck me was the event’s clear focus on sustainability. They ran a vinyl trade-in stand where you could give them your old lumps of wax in return for limited edition, 100% recycled merch. The DJs then delivered sets where they trawled through the records that had been traded in and spun them for the crowd to boogie down to.

    Estrella Galicia will be back in 2023 with plenty more events that I will be getting involved with so stay tuned for more news and as per usual, keep it gnarly x

    Here is my take on the 2023 Grammy nominations!

    Keep it gnarly x

  • The Will Bates Interview

    The other day I got to speak to film the awesome Will Bates! We talked all things movie composition and music. From the best score of all time to the best diet of films for kids to grow up with.

    Check it out, keep it gnarly x

    The homie Rishi Shah and I got to interview one of my favourite bands of all time at All Points East 2022 this year. Crazy surreal moment. You can probably tell how excited and nervous I was by how much I word vomited in the video.

    A great chat and still can’t believe it happened. Check it out!

    Keep it gnarly x

  • Gorillaz All Points East Preshow

    This Friday (19/08/22) the homie Rishi and I will be covering the Gorillaz All Points East day festival on behalf of the Student Music Network! This is the best day festival lineup I can ever remember seeing it’s so stacked.

    Today we recorded our preshow radio show to chat about everything we are excited for and to listen to some good tunes. You can check it out below:

    It’s going to be a wicked day and we are currently lining up some great interviews and content for festival so stay tuned.

    Keep it gnarly x


    Today I took it much easier as the late night at Yung Singh was hitting pretty hard. We got to town for 5ish to see a mutual friends band called Micromoon. Wicked noisy industrial-psych stuff.

    Next up we trekked over to Prince Albert which was full so we went to Green Door Store instead. I can’t remember what we saw but it was probs meh.

    We were hungry so grabbed a Gyros in Kemptown.

    Jelani Blackman who recently collaborated with Gorillaz on their Notting Hill inspired EP and killed a colours perfromance was on at patterns. He came through with some great energy especially for his hit track Hello which seemed to get played prematurely due to crowd insistence.

    After this we went over to the beach stage to watch Jeshi and Harvey Gunn and Frankie Stew. Some great chill rap music. Jeshi especially killed it with a great debut album out last week. He also had a cute little heart to heart with H.A.T.S. singer Simmie.

    All in all a much more relaxed day than the friday. Jeshi was easily my favourite of the day. One of the coolest festivals I’ve ever done and a great opportunity to get to do press here. recommend ! ! ! !

    gnarly x


    I was lucky enough to go to Great Escape festival with a press and photography pass. I sadly couldn’t make the first day due to H.A.T.S. having our first gig at Velvet Jacks in B town (and thoroughly not missing in the process).

    So my first day at Great Escape was the friday which I arrived somewhat late to due to a long day (and longer night) on the Thursday. I brought Jojo the Bozo with me as a fellow appreciator of nerdy music and we decided to hit Coalition (one of the shittest clubs in B town) for our first show.

    First up I saw NUKULUK. A rap group from London that I found on an Instagram advert earlier that day that piqued my interest due to them reminding me of one of my Favourite rap groups on the scene, Injury Reserve. They didn’t disappoint with an obvious influence from IJ but also carrying over the groups high energy and passionate delivery. Some great instrumentals and a healthy dosage of bars they are definitely ones to watch. I definitely appreciated their majority live instruments approach to the performance instead of backing tracks.

    These were my first pictures of the day so it was all about getting the settings right for the lighting (which was very simple and didn’t add for much intrigue in the images).

    On at Coalition right after NUKULUK were my most anticipated band for the fest. SCALPING. Fresh off the release of their debut album (which goes hard) the instrumental-industrial-techno-metal group killed it with the best set I saw all weekend. Awesome visuals provided by a screen behind them playing a menagerie of swirling colours and shapes with no other lighting to be seen. They were incredibly tight with the multiple instruments being used by all members during the set. Possibly my favourite pics from the weekend too if you aren’t listening to these guys then get the fuck on it and get to a show.

    Next up we headed over to the beach stage for another of my most anticipated groups, Enola Gay. These guys are noisy, shoegazey, industrial-tinged, post-punk with some rappy vocals here and there from Belfast.

    They brought ENERGY. Serious gnarly shit. They killed the performance. Big shout out to Fionn Reilly on the vocals who has a serious pair of lungs and a wicked moustache on him.

    I chose to go and watch Wu-Lu instead of grabbing dinner at this point as his latest singles have been too killer to miss and surprise he didn’t miss. With a full band backing him up, Miles Romans-Hopcraft came in loud. I still can’t wrap my head around the genres this man manages to mash up and still make it sound so tight and natural. Very excited for his debut coming on July 8th.

    I went to grab an obligatory Pom Poko after this and sat at the pavilion with my spring rolls and chilli chicken don. First time I’ve been since they upped the prices and my meal was a tenner on the dot. Still the best value food in B town but sad to see it. Fuck inflation. Rishi Sunak owes me a Pom Poko.

    I scurried to Coalition after this to grab a decent spot for the rest of my evening and I managed to get inside for the last couple of songs of Bob Vylan’s set. WOW. These guys packed the place out and had the whole thing moshing up and down the stairs. Security were on stage trying to grab crowd surfers who just kept surfing away from them. I only got two pics from their set but I think they show how sick it was. Maybe I should’ve gone without dinner to catch the whole thing.

    CASISDEAD rounded up my day at the main bit of the festival with a set that really split me. To start with the photography conditions were awful. No lights were facing CAS and there was screen behind the stage with a small bit of light. So not many pics that I liked came from this one. He also came on stage with really low energy and complained about the music that was being played before his show. He didn’t have very high energy for the whole set but his voice sounded as gnarly as expected so it wasn’t bad by any means. New era this year with a new album coming down the line somewhere. Singles are pretty great so far so definitely keep your eyes open.

    After CAS we went to spoons for a sit down and to meet a friend before heading to the DJ set of the night. Yung Singh. I have been desperate to see this man for ages and I finally got to thanks for the fest. Yung Singh is famous for mixing Punjab music with garage, jungle and a whole array of electronic genres. His boileroom set is one of my favourites ever. Highly recommended.

    He did not disappoint playing a great selection of tunes from a great selection of genres. With my photopass I was able to get on stage and behind the decks with him which I did after about an hour of being in the crowd. A dream come true and we ended up staying right till the end at 4:30am. One of the best sets I’ve had the pleasure of seeing and a great way to end the first day. Yung Singh doesn’t miss.

    Currently working on editing my pics from the Saturday which should be coming in the next week or so. In the meantime all the pictures from the Friday are up now over on the photos tab.

    Thanks for reading, keeo it gnarly.

    Luke x

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