I finally got around to posting my reviews from the London Film Festival. I saw 20 movies of 12 days, some of which are new favourites for me. Check it out now!

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    Here is my take on the 2023 Grammy nominations!

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  • The Will Bates Interview

    The other day I got to speak to film the awesome Will Bates! We talked all things movie composition and music. From the best score of all time to the best diet of films for kids to grow up with.

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    The homie Rishi Shah and I got to interview one of my favourite bands of all time at All Points East 2022 this year. Crazy surreal moment. You can probably tell how excited and nervous I was by how much I word vomited in the video.

    A great chat and still can’t believe it happened. Check it out!

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    Just finished up editing a video of Shak and I making a song for the band now on YouTube!

    Inspired by Kenny Beats show ‘The Cave’ we sat down for a few hours to make a song on camera for my Audiovisual end of term project. We ended up going with a sample based track in the vein of the Avalanches.

    Recording this involved a million technical difficulties so excuse the wonky audio, camera framing and lighting. I also wanted it to be a longer version than I ended uo with but the brief was for 3 to 4 mins so it’s already pushing the boundaries. All things considered I’m pretty proud of the song at the core of it and it was fun to make. Definitely more similar stuff coming down the line on the YouTube.

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